When I’m sick

October 8, 2007

When I’m sick, you still care,

It lets me know you’ll always be there ,

Even when fever holds you down,

You wouldn’t let me drown,

You keep me afloat amongst the thick of despair,

With a kick in your step and a flick of your hair,

You help me pull through,

The days most Blue,

Without you, I would crumble,

And on life’s journey stumble,

And for this, I thank you,

With every breath I draw through.

I Hate This

September 28, 2007

I hate this crush

This rush of falling

It comes every morning

To batter me down

It strips my spirit

I cower and fear it

I hate its presence

Its overwhelming presence

I run and hide

Pushing me outside

And then it goes

My life to a close

In Love

August 17, 2007

I fell in Love

In Love by mistake

I fell in Love

My heart was not meant to break

I fell in Love

With your smile

I fell in Love

With you for more than a while

I fell in Love

It was like an addiction

I fell in Love

Addicted to Loving you against my will

I fell in Love

Before I fell ill

I fell in Love

But couldn’t stop destroying your spirit

I fell in Love

A love, but you weren’t meant to fear it

I fell in Love

with an Angel

Last night I layed

July 25, 2007

Last night I layed there and watched you sleep

Your hair layed gently across my pillow

You looked so sweet, so gentle, so mellow

I just layed there and watched

As you took air in and out

And wondered if you were dreaming

And what it was about

Hoping your dreaming about me

And the way we kiss

Wondering if I was

The reason for that sleepy smile

Lay my head next to yours

Maybe I’ll dream for a while

This food don’t taste

July 23, 2007

This food don’t taste too sweet

It’s been lost in a heartbeat

The one where you said goodbye

And then ran off to cry

In that same beat

Down to Earth I crashed

The life I’d wrecked

The one I’d just smashed

Was yours, not mine

Yours all the time

To you I’m sorry

For you I feel bad

For me I feel hurt

And hopelessly sad

This work

July 20, 2007

This work, it crushes my soul

Dragging me down

It’s oh so droll

For a glimmer of hope

Within my day

I would give anything

I would pocket my hands and pay

For the hope of something not so bad

That wouldn’t make me quite this sad

Is what pulls me through the years

Kicking and screaming

Pulling me through the tears

Tears from times past

July 19, 2007

Tears from times past come back and haunt me

That day when you just brushed passed me

And out the door, and out of my life

Oh how I cried, not just inside

But tears all could see

Tears making people judge me

Showing me as weak

My future oh so bleak

Dragging my head hung low

Wishing you were not to go

But there I stood

Alone once more

And then I knew

I’d stay alone for sure

You May Think

July 18, 2007

You may think you know me

But all you see is a front to this madness

A shunt in the way of perpetual sadness

To show the whole me

Would be to make you hate me

A dislike spanning eternity

To show my true feelings

Would mean you surely run

Would be like me saying I’m done

And just giving up on the world