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I Love watching

November 15, 2007

I Love watching you sleep,

I Love watching you brush your hair,

I Love watching you choose which clothes to wear,

I Love watching you laugh,

I Love watching you cry,

I love watching you drive right by,

I love watching you dance,

I love watching you sing,

I love watching you walking around with him,

I love watching you run,

I love watching you hide,

I love watching you not know you should be by my side,

At the end of the day, You don’t know I exist,

Probably never will, Probably never should,

But I would give up this world for you, do everything that I could

When I’m sick

October 8, 2007

When I’m sick, you still care,

It lets me know you’ll always be there ,

Even when fever holds you down,

You wouldn’t let me drown,

You keep me afloat amongst the thick of despair,

With a kick in your step and a flick of your hair,

You help me pull through,

The days most Blue,

Without you, I would crumble,

And on life’s journey stumble,

And for this, I thank you,

With every breath I draw through.

Last night I layed

July 25, 2007

Last night I layed there and watched you sleep

Your hair layed gently across my pillow

You looked so sweet, so gentle, so mellow

I just layed there and watched

As you took air in and out

And wondered if you were dreaming

And what it was about

Hoping your dreaming about me

And the way we kiss

Wondering if I was

The reason for that sleepy smile

Lay my head next to yours

Maybe I’ll dream for a while