Reason why my girlfriend is the best #17

May 12, 2009

Toast with jam in bed. That’s a great reason!

Reason why my girlfriend is the best #42

August 6, 2008

She always thinks of little things that will make me smile. They aren’t costly things or things that take alot of effort, just things that show she really knows me and what I find funny. The most recent of these is a little display by my bed that she keeps changing and moving things about / adding little props to it. It’s a really silly thing, but just shows she gets me.


Reason why my girlfriend is the best: #18

November 28, 2007

She cooks for me all the time and will plan what to cook, go out and buy the ingredients herself, then lovingly serve it up when I get home from work.

Reason why my girlfriend is the best: #11

November 28, 2007

My Girlfriend is the best because she recently found out that I like chocolate oranges and she bought me one to eat while she is at work tonight, with the request that I leave that bit of chocolate in the middle for her.

Reasons to hate myself: #32

November 28, 2007

I parked my car away from my house – by my garage –  and left it there for a couple of days and used my motorbike. I get in one day and it has been moved by another driver of it to outside the house and now has petrol in it.

 Not being happy with the fact that my car is now at my house and actually has more that a few miles worth of petrol in it, I am more annoyed that this person moved the car and didn’t just leave it alone.

 I know it was in the highest of thoughts that this was done, but these were overshadowed by me being bothered that I now have to walk the half-mile home from my garage when I park the bike back in there after work on Friday.

Reasons to hate myself: #56

November 28, 2007

I wake up in the morning and have to get ready for work. My girlfriend wants a cuddle, so I lay there and hold her. When I go to get up, she pulls me back down and wants to keep on cuddling.

The only thing I can say is “It’s Ten to”. 

 All I can think while we are laying there is how late I now am and how much I just need to get up and get to work. I can’t think about how nice it is to be able to lay there next to this amazing lady. No. Just that she is making me 2 minutes late for work.

I Love watching

November 15, 2007

I Love watching you sleep,

I Love watching you brush your hair,

I Love watching you choose which clothes to wear,

I Love watching you laugh,

I Love watching you cry,

I love watching you drive right by,

I love watching you dance,

I love watching you sing,

I love watching you walking around with him,

I love watching you run,

I love watching you hide,

I love watching you not know you should be by my side,

At the end of the day, You don’t know I exist,

Probably never will, Probably never should,

But I would give up this world for you, do everything that I could

I just want

October 17, 2007

I just want you to share in my secrets;

And not run away

How I love

October 17, 2007

How I love sitting there watching you eat my lunch,

When you decided yours was too well done,

I offered mine in it’s place,

But now, you are staring at mine like it’s an offence,

Even though it was in much better shape,

So for my efforts, neither of us get to enjoy our lunch,

It doesn’t make you happy,

It just makes you the same,

You expect these kind gestures,

But aren’t happy when they aren’t perfect,

You need everything right all the time,

It drives me to despair……But that’s why I love you.

Running away would

October 11, 2007

Running away would be a dream,

To get away from this place, these people, this scene,

I could run for miles, just running further and further,

People around me seem to be standing still,

It makes me sick, it makes me ill,

I see unhappiness to the left and to the right,

People who’ve given up on life’s long fight,

I need to run, I need to scream,

I need to jump, I need to dare,

To leave this abyss, to just not care,

I wouldn’t mean to hurt you,

But staying is killing me